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ConnectionIn order to call to Ukraine one has to dial 8 - 10 (code of long-distance communication) - 38 (code of Ukraine) – city code (065ххх – in case of the Crimea) – telephone subscriber’s number.

Internal communication is possible through public telephone boxes. To use them you need a special magnetic card (they are sold at newsstands and petrol stations, in post offices, stores, cafes, etc). Somewhere there are old telephone boxes and you need to have coins of 10 kopecks to use them. To call abroad you can also use public telephone boxes (with magnetic card as well) or go to a public call office.

Cost of a minute of conversation:
Around a city (public telephone box) – 0.12 HRN
Interurban (about an oblast) – 0.18—0.48 HRN
Interurban (about Ukraine) – 0.34—0.60 HRN
With a subscriber of cell connection around Ukraine – 0.25-1.20 HRN
Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova – 0.34-0.27$
Azerbaijan, Armenia Georgia – 0.45-0.36$
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan – 0.48-0.38$
North America – 0.36-0.29$
Eastern Europe – 0.52-0.42$
Central and North Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Central Asia / Middle East, Africa / South and Central America, Australia/ Oceania – 0.60-0.48$
 Other countries – 1.80-1.50$
Dmytro Chernenko

Thematic news

On October 14 "eight" will disappear from the phone numbers of Ukrainians 14.10.2009
At the Ukrainian railway stations will be Wi-Fi access to the Internet 28.02.2011


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