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Trinity Catholic Church, Mykulyntsi village

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Ternopil reg.ReligiousXVI-XVIII
Map of Trinity Catholic Church, Mykulyntsi village
Trinity church was built in 1779 by architect A. Moshinsky in Baroque style. The mastermind and sponsor of the construction made by Ludwiga Pototskaya. The facility - a three-nave basilica. Architectural decoration is focused on the main facade, and consists of carved stone sculptures, decorative vases, curved eaves. The temple was divided into warm (underground) and front (actually surface portion, which is famous for its richness of decor).

 In the middle of the XIX century. building damaged by fire during restoration Modifications have been covering middle aisle and the completion of the tower on the facade.

Since 1950, the church was used as a storehouse of mineral fertilizers. In 1989, restored and operating again.

The monument is a significant work of the late Baroque to the skirts.
Dmytro Chernenko


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