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Monastery of the Basilian Fathers, Buchach town

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Ternopil reg.ReligiousXVI-XVIII
Map of Monastery of the Basilian Fathers, Buchach town
On the hillside of mountain Fedir are monastery of Basilian Fathers and Holy Cross Church. At the site of the monastery ensemble was the church of St. Cross. Potocki wanting to have in their possession recognition Ukrainian Greek Catholic clergy ad were invited to Buchach from Lithuania Basilian Fathers. In 1712 on the site of the church began construction of a spacious convent for fathers, which was completed in 1753.

 In 1771, Holy Cross church of monastery was built in the late Baroque style, the designer was the architect Gottfried Hoffmann. The monastery was once the center of educational activities in Buchach. First, here operated a boarding school for children from poor families, then - Seminary, later reorganized into the gymnasium. Later found a missionary Institute. St. Jehoshaphat, who worked intermittently until 1944.

 Activity Buchatsk monastery was banned by Soviet power in the middle of 1946. After the war the right wing was posted high school. On the left a few classes at night school. Left at that time was already significantly damaged. In this state, the monastery remained until 1950 in 1950, was completed renovated gymnasium and the school moved to its premises. Shrine gave a social school of agricultural mechanization, which studied the tractor and combine. Then began the destruction of this shrine. The church at that time was looted - had disappeared all church valuables and books. In the Temple stood harvester. All the windows were smashed. Also, the temple was a smithy, and in the bell tower was equipped with an observation well for the repair of equipment.

 In March 1991, the monastery of St. Buchatsk. Cross returned Basilian Fathers. In 1992 he began restoration and building work.

Address: Mickiewicz st., 19.
Dmytro Chernenko


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