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Black PagesDisasters, cataclysm, accidents... People’s lives are taken away not only by wars or diseases.

Here the saddest events in the history of Ukraine are recounted.
Dmytro Chernenko

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1986 Disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant 20.11.2009

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Chernobyl - the most exotic place for tourism on Earth 18.11.2009
From December frost killed 32 Ukrainian 22.12.2009
At Prykarpattya tourists caught in the avalanche 15.03.2010
In Yalta, a bomb exploded in a tank of pure water 06.04.2010
Ukraine among the leaders on the number of road accident victims 27.05.2010
Chernobyl area will open for tourists 13.12.2010
Al Jazeera shot story about the inhumane working conditions in the Donbass 14.12.2010
Chernobyl is closed for tourists 23.06.2011


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