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Way of life

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Way of lifeA notion of “a way of life” was coined in 1929 by Austrian psychologist Albert Adler and in 1961 it acquired its modern meaning. Sociology interprets way of life as a connection between a person and a society which manifests itself in social relations, consumption, entertainment, clothes, etc. Also a way of life usually reflects a person’s attitude, their values and views on life.

Only after gaining independence Ukraine has become a favorable place for a development of different ways of life of its citizens. As a part of the USSR there was actually only one style, communism, and its counterbalance — dissidence.

Dandies, rockers, bikers, rappers started to manifest themselves openly and freely only in late 1980s.

Nowadays Ukrainian society is actively taking in different ways of life and behavior. And it is not surprising since Ukraine is a young state. It is growing culturally and socially, learning new thing and borrowing a lot from other countries.
Dmytro Chernenko

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