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TransportThe biggest part of passenger traffic in Ukrainian cities is carried by buses, fixed-run taxis and trolleybuses. There is also underground in some major cities.

Interurban and suburban buses connect almost all cities, towns and villages in the country. Fares differ from city to city and depends on a distance (9-15 kopecks per km) and comfort of a bus. Tickets are bought at bus stations or at a driver on the way. Railroad and air tickets of interurban connection can be bought in any of 15 000 post offices in Ukraine.

Simferopol and Yalta are connected with the longest in Europe trolleybus route (traveling time is 1.5 hour).

In summer regular interurban buses in the Crimea travel quite often (every 15-25 minutes).
Dmytro Chernenko

Thematic news

In 2009-th year in Ukraine has decreased the number of hijackings 01.02.2010
In the Kiev subway on March 25 will be a historic wagon 17.03.2010
Southern Railway enters unisex coupe 21.04.2010
On May 30 in Ukraine will increase the speed of trains 11.05.2010
At the Kiev railway station filed retro-train 24.09.2010
Crimean trolley hit the Guinness Book of Records 24.09.2010
In Chernihiv region be allowed the retro- train 05.08.2011


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