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SymbolsYellow and blue have symbolized Kievan State even for a long time. After Rus was christened these colors were sanctified with an image of the holy cross. During Tatar and Mongol invasion this symbolization disappeared but in a course of time it was revived in church attire and in coats of arms of Ukrainian cities. Almost all coats of arms of cities in Kiev region and in Ukraine in general were framed with yellow and blue colors.

Since 18th century Cossack regimental and sotnik flags of the Zaporozhian Army were often made of blue cloth with a yellow cross, stars, arms and saints painted on it. The state coat of arms of the Ukranian People’s Republic (a trident on a blue background) was approved on February 12, 1918 by Small Council in Korosten. On March 22, 1918 a trident and a blue-yellow flag were approved by Tsentralna Rada (“Central Council”). In the times of hetman rule of P. Skoropadsky an order of colors on the flag were changed to yellow and blue.

В 1917-1920 “Shche Ne Vmerla Ukrayina” (which means “Ukraine is not yet dead”) (music by Mykhailo Verbytsky, lyrics by Pavlo Chubynsky) was not officially recognized as a state anthem and along with it other anthems were used. On January 15, 1992 the Ukrainian Parliament chose it as the national anthem. On January 28, 1992 Verkhovna Rada approved a blue and yellow flag as a national flag and on February 19, 1992 it approved a trident as Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine and as a main element of the Great State Coat of Arms.
Dmytro Chernenko


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