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RoadsMost roads in Ukraine connecting cities and towns have hard surface. Villages are often connected with dirt roads.

Central highways are in a quite good condition while mountain roads of the Crimea and the Carpathians are rather narrow and wavy and often in not so good condition. Trips along such roads are particularly dangerous when it is raining.

On general purpose roads one can often meet rock handlers (Eastern Ukraine) or farming machinery with a great number of rigging equipment. Cattle herds are also moved along the roads. Close attention is required where are there are crowded markets (including roadside ones), in old town districts and on the crossroads with secondary roads.

While driving a car it is important to take into account that while crossing the national board of Ukraine one has to pay customs duties for a vehicle and the correspondent slip is often checked by state traffic police of Ukraine. Also one has to pay a charge of compulsory of civil liability. If an entry to Ukraine is expected to exceed 2 months a car is to be registered in the nearest office of the state traffic police of Ukraine.

If a stay in the country is temporary a person can use both international and national driving license.
Dmytro Chernenko

Thematic news

In the south of the Crimea rockfall occurred 11.01.2010
Because snowfall hampered traffic in southern Ukraine 20.01.2010
13% of deaths in traffic accidents in Europe occur on Ukrainian roads 02.07.2010


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