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RecommendationsGeneral recommendations to visitors of Ukraine
Supply pressure is 220V, 50 Hz, standard plugs (2 round pins).
It is acceptable to bargain only on markets.
In high-class restaurants tips are about 5-10% of the bill. Many establishments include 5% of tips in the bill and in this case any extra tips are left to a guest’s discretion.

Recommendations to holiday-makers
Almost all beaches on the southern coast of the Crimea are pebble, so you need to have special beach shoes and mattress. Shores of the Azov Sea and in the north-western Crimea are sandy. There are also sandy beaches between Saky and Evpatoria, from Sevastopol along all western coast (including Ugrovoye, Peschanoye, Saky, Evpatoria, and further beyond the cape of Tarkhankut), and near Feodosia and on the Arabatska split.
Most developed beaches in the Crimea are paid (sanatoriums often have their own beaches and do not charge their visitors for using them), but peripheral (and municipal) beaches are free of charge although they are not as well-kept.
Due to a considerable slope of the bottom and peninsular character of the Crimean resorts near the mountain regions of the southern coast of the Crimea there is quite a strong current near the shore. So it is not advisable to far off into the sea if you do not know local waters. The Crimean coast of the Azov Sea has a little slope, sandy bottom and higher temperature of water because of its shallowness (5-10 meters).
In the Crimean resort hot running water is not supplied regularly. Usually it is supplied in certain hours or solar heaters or boilers are used to heat up cold running water.
You can also stay in a tent in any place in the Crimea which is outside a city, natural reserve or wildlife preserve. There are also a lot of campings.
Dmytro Chernenko

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