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Population and language

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Population and languageToday there is a negative natural growth of population in the country. The population size in Ukraine is 45 745 million people. Among them urban population is 31.4 million people (67.9%) and rural population is 14.4 million people (32.1%). A share of urban population (68%) in Ukraine in comparison to neighbor countries is almost equal to that in Byelorussia and Bulgaria and yields only to Russia (73%). A share of older people in the country is similar to that in Byelorussia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria (13.8%); a share of younger people is similar to that in Russia, Byelorussia and Romania.

Average life expectancy in Ukraine is 67 years: 62 years among men and 73 among women. It is on the par with Russia, Byelorussia, Romania and Turkey.

There are a lot of nationalities in Ukraine. The major national groups are Ukrainians (77.8%) and Russians (17.3%). There are also Byelorussians, Jews, Moldavians, Polish, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, Czechs, Gagauz, Tatars, Gipsy, Azerbaijanians, Uzbeks, Greek and some other nationalities.

The major part of Ukrainians lives in western, central and northern regions of Ukraine. The least percentage of Ukrainians is in south-eastern and south regions. The population density (83 people per square km) reflects a general process of its increase in Europe: from north-east (from Russia (8.6) and Byelorussia (49)) to south-west and west (to Romania (95), Hungary (110), Slovakia (110), and then to Poland (123) and Moldova (125)).
Dmytro Chernenko

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