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Arpatsky waterfall, Zelenogirya village

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Crimea reg.Nature and ParksUnspecified
Map of Arpatsky waterfall, Zelenogirya village
Arpatsky waterfall is located in the north of the village Zelenogirya, in the tract of Panagia on a stormy river Pananyan-Uzen (in translation - the "holy river"). The village used to be called Arpat - hence the name of the waterfall. The word "arpat has several options for the translation - "ruin","barley".

Get to the waterfall is not easy. For it is through the gorge trail with bridges and steps in the rocks. The height of the waterfall about 10 meters he falls into another local attraction - a "Bath of Love". Under the waterfall are 10-15 thresholds.
Dmytro Chernenko


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