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Landmarks of Ukraine

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Landmarks of UkraineUkrainian landmarks mainly reflect the particularities of several historical and cultural epochs.

There have lasted unique remains of bone dwellings, petroglyphs of Kam’yana Mogyla (“Stone Tomb”), ancient stone sculptures since primitive communal system; numerous barrows and ancient settlements from the epoch of Scythian and Sarmatians. There are ruins of Greek settlements and buildings of Khan Period on the Crimean peninsula. Old Russian culture is also reflected in landmarks of Kyiv and Chernigov. Khortytsia island is a cradle of Cossack’s heroics. Kievan fortress is the largest earthwork fortification in the world.

Ukrainian land has preserved more than 2000 landmarks. Among them there are more than 1000 cultural landmarks, more than 160 defense landmarks, about 400 civil landmarks and about 15 landscape architecture landmarks. Unfortunately more and more are falling into decay with each passing year.
Dmytro Chernenko

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