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GeographyUkraine is a state in Eastern Europe. Its geographical position is such that it borders on Byelorussia and Russia in the north, on Russia in the East, on Romania and Moldova in the South-West and on Poland, Slovakia and Hungary in the west. In the south it is washed by the Azov Sea and the Black Sea. The territory of Ukraine is 603.7 thousand square km.Geographical map of Ukraine

Today Ukraine is 0.41% of the Earth’s land surface, 0.85% of the Earth’s population and 0.20% of world’s gross national product.

Administratively it is divided into 24 regions, the autonomous republic of Crimea and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol. There are 448 cities and towns, 897 urban villages more than 28 000 villages in the territory of Ukraine. The major part of the territory of the country is flat and there are only the Carpathian mountains in the west (the highest peak is Goverla, 2061 meters) and the Crimean mountains on the Crimean peninsula (the highest peak is Roman-Kish, 1545 meters). Few elevations (Volynska, Podilska and Prydniprovska) and rock edges occupy no more than 5% of the territory of the country.

In the territory of Ukraine the Eastern-European plain meets the Black Sea in the south and the Carpathian “wall” in the west. Flat plains border on undulating heights which are sometimes broken by rock edges.
As far as mineral recourses are concerned Ukraine belongs to middle-supplied countries. It is noted for its supplies of manganese (more than 40% of the world supply) and iron ore (more than 12%), mercury (more than 8%), coal (more than 3%). There are significant supplies of uranium (1.8%), potassium salts (2.5%) and phosphorite (2%). The supplies of apatite (29% of the world supply) are numerous but the content of phosphorus in them is extremely low.

Almost all rivers flow into the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. Only the Zakhidny Bug flows into the Baltic Sea. Temperate continental climate in aggregate with mould humus — the best soils on the planet — enables cultivating a wide range of crops and creates favorable living conditions.

Geographical map of Ukraine
Dmytro Chernenko

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