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CustomsCurrencies and other valuables which are brought into the customs territory of Ukraine are to be declared. At the same time declaration is a written commitment of a foreign citizen to bring mentioned objects out.

Bringing in foreign currency
Foreign currency in cash can be brought in by physical people regardless of their age. It is allowed to declare orally amounts is any currency which are equivalent to 1 000 USD as well as bank checks of the same value. Amounts equivalent to 10 000 USD or checks of the value of up to 50 000 USD are to be written in a declaration regardless of a currency. No permissive documents are required in this case. Foreign currency in cash which exceeds the amount of 10 000 USD is taken by customs authorities in custody and is returned to its owner and can be brought into Ukraine if a special permission of the National Bank of Ukraine is obtained. The same rule applies to checks whose value exceeds 50 000 USD. 

Brining in jewelry
Personal jewelry is subject to obligatory declaration.

Brining in and out photo- and video- cameras
To declare or not to declare a photo- or video- camera is up to you. There is no strict rule. However it is better to do it. It is strongly forbidden to bring in or out printed materials, printing blocks, printers, films, pictures or cassettes which contain propaganda of war, racism, racial discrimination or genocide.

Brining in private vehicles
Temporary brining in of vehicles is allowed to non-residents for their private use on a period of up to one year in there is a written commitment to remove this vehicle and if there are documents which confirm a registration of this vehicle outside Ukraine. At the same time vehicles which are brought in by nonresidents to the customs territory of Ukraine for their private use for a period of more than two months are to be registered in State Automobile Inspectorate of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Ukraine.
Brining in mobile phones
Foreign citizens are allowed to bring in temporarily into Ukraine single mobile phones whose standards are allowed in Ukraine.

Bringing out souvenirs
It is allowed to bring out of the customs territory of Ukraine goods which are not consignment stock and whose value do not exceed an equivalent of 100 000 euros without taxation. To bring out artwork, cultural or historical valuables one has to obtain permission from the Ministry of Culture. If a cultural value is “insignificant”, it is enough to have a receipt of a store where the purchase has been made.

Bringing out foreign currency
Foreign currency in cash is brought out by physical people regardless of their age. It is allowed to bring out of Ukraine foreign currency in cash and/or travel checks which amounts up to 1000 USD provided it is declared orally. Yet the main document for bringing out currency is a customs declaration. You have a right to bring out as much currency as you have brought in. It means on a condition of compulsory declaration nonresidents can bring out an equivalent of 10 000 HRN or 5 000 USD.

Food and alcohol
It is allowed to bring in Ukraine for private use and without any conformance certificate 1 liter of vodka, 2 liters of wine and 10 liters of beer. All this can be eaten down with food whose price does not exceed 50 euros. It is allowed to bring out of the customs territory of Ukraine 2 liters of wine per person.

Mode of simplified customs clearance
A special mode of simplified customs clearance (system of “green” and “red” corridors) is applied when citizens move through customs border of Ukraine things, objects and valuables which are not subject to compulsory declaration and customs taxation and which are not among objects which are forbidden to move through the customs border by Ukrainian legislation. As a rule in airport “Simferopol” is applied to “Arrival” and “Departure” on regular flights, noncommercial flights and charter flights which carry tourists to Ukraine, particularly from CIS countries. Citizens who take a line of simplified customs clearance (“green” corridor) are exempted from filling in a customs declaration. Declaration in the mode of simplified customs clearance is carried out by citizens by means of choosing a corridor of customs clearance in the airport. At the same time it does not mean citizens are freed from observing rules of customs clearance namely of moving through the border of Ukraine currency, valuables and other objects. Citizens who have violated conditions of using “green” corridor are held accountable according to the current legislation. Passengers who have in their hand luggage or luggage objects which are subject to compulsory customs declaration take “red” corridor. It means they declare those objects and produce them for customs examination.
Dmytro Chernenko


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