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VisasForeigners have a right to enter, leave or transit Ukrainian territory through post controls on a state border provided they have a national passport of a citizen of a foreign country and an appropriate visa unless any special entry and exit procedure is set by the legislation of Ukraine. Citizens of states which have concluded treaties about mutual visa-free regimes with Ukraine enter Ukraine on the basis of their valid national passport and an appropriately formalized invitation from a natural or legal person in Ukraine unless other is foreseen by international treaties of Ukraine. Detailed information about entry procedure to Ukraine can be obtained in Ukrainian Consulate abroad.
National passports and identification cards of foreign states do not give a right to cross the state board of Ukraine.

Stateless people who reside in Ukraine travel abroad on the basis of certificate of a stateless person for exit and a Ukrainian visa for entry to Ukraine.

Travel in transit of foreigners through the territory of Ukraine is allowed if they have a transit Ukrainian visa, a visa of their destination country, tickets or other documents which prove that their trip is transit, unless other is foreseen by international treaties of Ukraine.

Travel in transit is considered to be a stay in Ukraine within the term specified in the ticket and in case there is no ticket within the term necessary to cross Ukraine by respective vehicle. In all instances the term of travel in transit through the territory of Ukraine is not to exceed three days.

In case of a loss of a national passport in the territory of Ukraine a foreigner is to inform immediately a receiving organization, bodies of internal affairs and an embassy of their country in Ukraine in order to obtain documents which will permit them to leave Ukraine and return to their motherland.

If a foreigner while applying for a visa or other entry documents to Ukraine provided wrongful information about themselves or an aim of their trip to Ukraine, competent authorities may refuse entry to Ukraine to them.

While going through a passport check-in point a foreigner gets a registration slip for their foreign passport which they have to show to customs officers when they depart from Ukraine. Availability of this slip considerably shortens time needed to go through a passport check-in point.
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