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In Kiev an exhibition of sand sculptures

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In Kiev an exhibition of sand sculpturesOn Saturday, August 20 in Kiev on the waterfront will Obolonska sand sculpture festival city of the future.

As the KSCA, in the festival will be attended by approximately 20 sculptors, among whom professional artists who participated in international festivals of sand sculpture, and children - students of the area art institutions.

In Obolonska district administration said that sand exposition dedicated to the theme of perspective development of different areas of the capital.

In particular, visitors to the festival will present the figure of the mole, which symbolized the development of the sculptors of Moscow subway, soccer shoes, symbolizing the spirit of football in Kiev on the eve of Euro 2012, a computer, which demonstrates the rapid development of information technology in the capital and many other interesting images.

Visit Sand festival can be within a week.
Dmytro Chernenko


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