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In the Zolochinskliy castle roof collapsed

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Late last week, dropped the roof on the tower of the 17th century castle Zolochinskliy. This was on August 9, Lviv regional council special session the director of the Lviv Art Gallery, Hero of Ukraine Borys Voznitsky.

According to him, we are talking about the tower at the entrance, because it is dangerous and makes it impossible to access to the castle to visitors. Voznitsky said that led to the destruction of the storm, which took about a month ago.

Voznitsky addressed the deputies with a request to assist in the allocation of funds for repairs, something to be 3 million USD.. Director of the Lviv Art Gallery is also noted that in the preparation of Lviv to the " Euro 2012 " is not allocated a cent to attractions.

"Make roads, stadiums, and on the museum, no one thinks. Over the past 4 years no one hryvnia has not given the protection of monuments, " - said Voznitsky.
Dmytro Chernenko


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