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Near Kiev found dead Chupacabra

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Near Kiev found dead ChupacabraMythical animal, which received reports from all over the world, was found in a village in the district Fastovsky. The corpse of a mysterious animal found the children in one of the abandoned houses of the village.

"He has all the animals just a little bit. The tail is 1.5 meters, and double stranded. The same is twisted from the jaw to the ear. The front two legs with his fingers, and back with their hooves. Rat whiskers, fangs. Ears erect, but no wool. The body is dried. One can see that someone has killed a long time. In size, like a big cat, "- says Alain Nesterenko, the mother of one of the girls who found a creature.

At the same time, zoologists say Chupacabra not exist in nature.

"There is no chupacabra. This is a hoax. This is a poor and wretched fox or raccoon dogs. She is so, because it was ill or mad, or scabies, " - said director Vladimir Nikolaev zoo Topchiy.

Remember, this is not the first time that the animal seen in Ukraine. Previously reported findings similar to Chernihiv. Donetsk and Rivne regions.
Dmytro Chernenko


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