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Ukrainian schoolgirls named prostitution the prestigious profession

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Ukrainian schoolgirls named prostitution the prestigious profession The results of sociological studies show that the Ukrainian high school students in some of the most prestigious professions named prostitution. This was reported by the representative of the NGO "Hope and Future" Antonina Shelamkova.

As described Shelamkova, the reason is - incorrect or one-sided presentation of information about the sex industry television.

According to the expert, the schoolgirls "buy" on the promised VIP-clients, expensive cars, food, and are not aware of the difficulties they may encounter.

"Nobody knows what it is some dirty basements, that you do not feed, you are beaten, forced to serve the dirty old perverts anyone," - noted Shelamkova.

For example, she spoke about underage girls who deliberately went to work as a prostitute in Israel. Make this life has forced her into a poor family with two sisters with disabilities, the mother of retirement age and stepfather, who "drove all with an ax."

"While abroad, she expected to get a job, but got into sexual slavery. Twice tried to commit suicide, helped her fellow countrymen, flown home," - told representatives of NGOs.

Also Shelamkova added that in order to protect themselves from such cases, you need to go to work abroad legally.
Dmytro Chernenko


18-06-18 | AFluiliDof

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