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EuroLang-2012 starts in Ukraine

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EuroLang-2012 starts in UkraineUkraine will start an international interactive project EuroLang-2012, which will help the guests of Euro 2012 to travel the Ukraine and Poland with no barriers in communication. The website EuroLang 2012 anyone will be able to undergo a course of study of Ukrainian or Polish languages, as well as get acquainted with the cultural traditions of the host countries of Euro 2012, - the press service of FFU.

Training materials for the study of Polish and Ukrainian languages are represented at 25-official languages of the European Union. According to the organizers of the project, including representatives of Poland, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy, EuroLang 2012 will allow football fans to get rid of cross-cultural barriers and bring Ukraine and Poland to ordinary Europeans. In addition, football fans can find on the website language guide convenient format that you can print and take with them to the championship.

January 25 project leaders presented his staff of the Clearing House "Ukraine-2012" and the Director General UNIAN "Ukrinform" Viktor Chamara. It was demonstrated that placed in the service information will help orient in normal everyday situations. Each user can download to your computer mp3 files recorded with the correct pronunciation of words in Polish and Ukrainian languages. Each phrase, which is necessary for a good experience for the team, is included in the curriculum.

Official presentation of the project EuroLang 2012 in Ukraine will be held January 27 at 12.00 in the Information Center "Ukraine-2012", the press center UKRINFORM (B. Khmelnitsky Street, 8 / 16).
Dmytro Chernenko


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