House of Commercial Bank, Kamianets-Podilskyi town

Bank building built in the XIX century. House bricks on stone foundations, two-story with basement, plastered. Located on the relief. In terms of approaching the square, has rounded the north-east corner, a round in the north-west corner of the bow with the western More

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Welcome to Ukraine!

Ukraine - is 0.41% of world’s territory and 0.85% of world population; a motherland of Andriy Shevchenko and brothers Klitschko, academicians Paton and Korolyov; a land which survived Chernobyl and holocaust of 1930s; a place with unique natural and hand-made attractions; a cradle of friendly people and a country with an open heart.


In Kyiv an exhibition of flowers, dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine22.08.2011

In Kyiv an exhibition of flowers, dedicated to 20th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine

In Kiev, at the Song Festival Grounds in Pechersk landscape park was opened the 56th flower show, which is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's independence, said the KSCA.

Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA), Alexander Popov, ... More

In Kiev an exhibition of sand sculptures22.08.2011

In Kiev an exhibition of sand sculptures

On Saturday, August 20 in Kiev on the waterfront will Obolonska sand sculpture festival city of the future.

As the KSCA, in the festival will be attended by approximately 20 sculptors, among whom professional artists who participated in international festivals ... More

In the Zolochinskliy castle roof collapsed09.08.2011

In the Zolochinskliy castle roof collapsed

Late last week, dropped the roof on the tower of the 17th century castle Zolochinskliy. This was on August 9, Lviv regional council special session the director of the Lviv Art Gallery, Hero of Ukraine Borys Voznitsky.

According to him, we are talking about ... More

Near Kiev found dead Chupacabra08.08.2011

Near Kiev found dead Chupacabra

Mythical animal, which received reports from all over the world, was found in a village in the district Fastovsky. The corpse of a mysterious animal found the children in one of the abandoned houses of the village.

"He has all the animals just a little ... More

In Chernihiv region be allowed the retro- train05.08.2011

In Chernihiv region be allowed the retro- train

South-Western Railway offers tours of historical places in Ukraine retro-train. 
Told reporters the chief passenger service South-Western Railway Alexander Bald presentation during the trip. 

According to him, the application can submit... More

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